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Welcome. StampLink is designed to promote philately by leading those collecting stamps directly to relevant philatelic sites without search engines. Many excellent stamp collecting sites, including lists of links to various stamp collecting resources, are on the Internet, so rather than duplicating those sites, these "Stamp Links" take you directly to the very best of them. Use this site as a jump-off platform to other philatelic sites on the Internet. Save one of the StampLink pages with a bookmark in your favorite places now, because you will soon be leaving here and want to come back when you lose your way, reach a dead end, or just want to find more links. These links will be updated regularly and additional pages added to ensure that you quickly find the best the stamp collecting world has to offer on-line. Click on the SITES button above for a Review of Major Stamp Sites and for links to their home-pages. The World's Hottest Stamp Collecting Sites below by-pass their home-pages and go directly to the best page in that site covering the specified subject category.  Click on the LINKS button above for additional meta links on Roger Pearce's Stamp Links Page. 

Find the value of your stamps for a small fee.

Stamp Collecting Basics - learn about how and what to collect, the condition and handling of postage stamps, postmarks, stamp albums, soaking stamps, etc. And at some time you may need to refer to a stamp dictionary to find out what some of those often-seen terms mean exactly, or maybe you need to identify the country origin of a stamp. Many countries no longer exist. If you've just inherited a collection, get informed through this beginner's corner. Also here is a "catalog" of all countries that currently issue or have once issued stamps but now no longer exist.

Albums and Supplies - Large stamp collecting supply company. Free 90 page accessory catalog.

Country-specific - find other stamp links within your country of interest.

Philatelic Periodicals - current publications in print. 

Philatelic Books - catalog of philatelic books listed by topical themes. 

Philatelic Museums and Libraries - listed by country with descriptions of contents. 

Philatelic Clubs and Societies - listed alphabetically. 

Postal Administrations - for direct ordering of new issues of postage stamps on-line or use postal addresses for  postal administrations that aren't currently on the web.  There have also been over 700 stamp issuing entities many of which have ceased issuing or no longer exist.

Stamp Dealers and Traders - many have catalogs available 

Stamp Auctions - auction or buy auctioned stamps internationally. Some of these sites have on-line bidding and/or are supported by scanned photos. 

Stamp Shows - thousands of shows worldwide can be located by country, state and province. of various private collectors categorized by theme. See this blog discussion of thematic collecting and exhibiting.  Some sites specialize in specialty stamp topics such as postmarks or an explanation of watermarks on the back of stamps.


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